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Watch Nurse Jackie Season 4 Episode 2 Online - TV series Nurse Jackie's latest episode airs this April 15, 2012. This episode is entitled Disneyland Sucks. Nurse Jackie airs on Showtime channel at 10:00 PM to 10:30 PM.

The next episode of Nurse Jackie will air next week, April 22, and this episode is entitled The Wall. Just tune in to Showtime channel to watch Nurse Jackie Season 4 Episode 2 this Sunday night.

Nurse Jackie Season 4 Episode 2: Disneyland Sucks
Jackie detoxes in rehab, where she faces the truth about how her drug dependency began, deals with an unpleasant roommate, and forges a surprising alliance with 17-year-old fellow addict Charlie, who is a rehab veteran despite his tender years; Cruz's innovations continue to irritate everyone on the All Saints staff except for Coop.